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Patient Testimonials

"Dear Dr. Shieh,
I would like to thank you for taking great care of me during my visits. You were very professional, courteous, calm and collective in addressing all my concerns and it is greatly appreciated. I am extremely happy with the results and glad you were the one to solve the problem. You are a wonderful doctor and truly an established pioneer in your profession and to the field of medicine! "You're a lifesaver!"

Stanley, Scientist

"Dear Dr. Shieh,
The tiny speck on my face completely disappeared after you lasered it. One day it was just gone! I wanted to thank you for treating me and giving me a good exam in general. I hope to see you again next year."

Dale, Nurse

"Dear Dr. Shieh,
I want to thank you for being so helpful and generous since I came to see you. You really have helped out a lot and I very much appreciate it. You are a very kind person and I'm glad to have you as my dermatologist."

Lon, Student

"Dr. Shieh, I cannot thank you enough for treating my mother. Your expertise, excellent bed side manner, and brilliance is such a blessing! I am forever in debt to you! Thank you!"

Angela, Office Manager

"I’ve had a crazy week but wanted to say thank you for the Botox last week.  My eyes feel so much lighter and overall it makes me feel so much better.  Thank you for the great treatment! Forehead and crow’s feet are great too."

Jill, Business Development Manager

"I don't even think about shaving anymore. I can throw my head back when I laugh now. Have not done so in two years. Thank you for the great hair laser treatments."

Aditi, Accountant

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